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Fractional T1

What Does Fractional T1 Mean?

Fractional T1 is a fraction or part of a T1 line. In data transmission, T1 is one of the many kinds of transmission lines that transport high-quality data at a lightning-fast rate. A T1 line has 24 channels, each of which can transfer data at a speed of 64 kilobytes per second. In a fractional T1 line, only a part of the 24 channels are being rented out. This is done so that clients who do not need all of the T1 capability can benefit from the speed of the expensive line at a fraction of the cost.


Techopedia Explains Fractional T1

Although only a fraction of the channels is being used in a fractional T1 setup, the quality and rate of data transmission remains the same and delivers the same high speeds and performance as the use of the full line. This is very useful and cost-effective when the user only requires a few channels, since the cost of fractional T1 is also a fraction of the cost of a full T1 line.

A T1 line also provides a direct connection between the users and the service provider. This connection is considered to be secure because there is a direct link to the provider, whether the connection is fractional or not. These lines are also dedicated communication transmissions. So, unlike with DSL and ISDN, nobody can intervene on your T1 while it’s being used.


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