VoIP Trunk Gateway

What Does VoIP Trunk Gateway Mean?

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) trunk gateway is an interface that allows for the interface of PSTN equipment to a voice over Internet Protocol network.


VoIP trunk gateways enable PSTN subscribers to connect to a VoIP network without requiring an operator. There are many types of services offered through these gateways, reduced price telephony being the major application.

Techopedia Explains VoIP Trunk Gateway

VoIP trunk gateways provide service interconnection or intercarrier call handling. The VoIP trunk gateways interface between public switched telephone networks (PSTNs) and internet phone service networks, thereby terminating trunks corresponding to signaling system No.7 (SS7) control links.

VoIP trunk gateways carry media from an adjacent switch in the traditional circuit-switched network. The adjacent switch usually belongs to another service provider. These adjacent trunks are also known as co-carrier trunks or feature group D trunks.

In general application, VoIP trunk gateways are subscriber lines that VoIP service providers charge for rather than being charged by the PSTN provider. They use cheaper packet-switched Internet routing rather than the circuit-switched older technology and can control a huge number of digital virtual circuits.


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