OpenStack Project

What Does OpenStack Project Mean?

The OpenStack Project is a platform for developing, deploying and hosting cloud computing solutions using open source software.


The OpenStack project is a suite of open source software, services and standards, primarily designed for IaaS cloud offerings and provides 5 different solution stacks including OpenStack compute, object storage, image service, identity and dashboard.

Techopedia Explains OpenStack Project

The primary objective behind OpenStack project is to create a global standard and software stack for developing cloud solutions helping cloud providers and end-users alike. The project aims to build a unanimous cloud operating platform, where all the participating organizations will build cloud solutions that are not only scalable, elastic and secure but also globally accessible, executable and migrated to other platforms without any vendor lock-in.

The OpenStack project was founded by Rackspace & NASA, and later more organizations joined in with the movement including Dell, Citrix, Intel, Cisco and many others.


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