Rapid Access Computing Environment

What Does Rapid Access Computing Environment Mean?

Rapid Access Computing Environment (RACE) is an initiative by the United States’ Defense Information System Agency (DISA) to provide a cloud computing and virtualization infrastructure for developing, testing and deploying new Department of Defense (DoD) applications.


It provides a secure, reliable and scalable cloud platform and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) offering for the DoD.

Techopedia Explains Rapid Access Computing Environment

RACE primarily enables users to create and test applications designed specifically for the DoD and its participating customers, partners or developers. RACE provides the DoD and its customers with an enterprise-class development and testing environment which includes resources such as CPU, memory, storage, backup and operating systems. The customers have the liberty to select, configure and subscribe resources based on their requirements within a quick 24-hour timeline. RACE implements strict security measures in securing the communication between end users and RACE infrastructure. All traffic/communication is passed on a secure SSLVPN and implements PKI credentials to control access to the resources.


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