What Does Conformance Mean?

Conformation is the degree of adherence to preset expectations. The degree to which a product meets its prespecified criteria is termed as conformance in the context of software engineering.


Techopedia Explains Conformance

A software developer establishes functional and non-functional requirements prior to software development. The functional requirements are those requirements that represent the core functionality provided by the system. Non-functional requirements are the additional requirements such as restriction on time, performance, availability, scalability, reliability, etc. The degree of adherence of the software to its functional requirements is the conformance of the software to its requirements.

For example, a software requirement document may specify that the cost of the software should not exceed $15,000. This is a functional requirement that the software must agree to. However, a requirement like the system should support HTTPS authentication is non-functional and the software always has the option to accept or reject.
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