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What Does Artificial Intelligence Robot Mean?

Artificial Intelligence Robot or AIBO is a name for a Sony product developed as a robotic pet. Multiple instances of this product line are available in the United States, although they come with price tags of up to several thousand dollars. The AIBO uses an Open-R modular platform to create a life-like interface including voice recognition, machine learning and the ability to respond to stimulus.


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The Sony AIBO was released in 1999, and is considered to be the most sophisticated robot ever offered to consumers. While the majority of AIBOs resembled dogs, different models were available as well. Despite the product’s popularity, it was discontinued in 2006, with all support ending in 2013. Sony cited lack of profitability as the reason for its discontinuation.


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Along with the Sony AIBO products, the term “artificial intelligence robot” can be used to refer to a broad spectrum of robotic projects that generally aim to simulate human or animal life. Different types of artificial intelligence robots are being engineered that can hold conversations with humans, respond to body language, and perform various kinds of cognitive tasks. Many of these are also highly lifelike in appearance and built to actual human size. The phenomena of the artificial intelligence robot raises many questions about how we as people will interact with technologies in the future.


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