What Does Aptent Mean?

Aptent is a combination of the words “application” and “content” that refers to the use of content as part of an application’s online or user footprint. In other words, with aptent, it is hard to determine where the application ends and where the content begins. An application that has an aptent approach often integrates online content into the functionality of the app.


Techopedia Explains Aptent

There are all kinds of ways to address the philosophy of aptent. Applications may be using content in service-oriented ways such as searching the Web, integrating content into instant messaging functionality, or providing something that some experts call “squirrel patent” – providing space for user-specific content. Other forms of aptent may include the use of different kinds of “bots” to automate application functionality. Another excellent example of an aptent approach is the dominant social media platform Facebook. The Facebook application on mobile phones and desktops involves the transmission of user-created data, as well as data from other sources. In this complex model of profiles, pages and posts, it is often difficult to tell where the application begins and where the content starts.


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