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Best Practice

What Does Best Practice Mean?

A best practice is an industry-wide agreement that standardizes the most efficient and effective way to accomplish a a desired outcome. A best practice generally consists of a technique, method, or process. The concept implies that if an organization follows best practices, a delivered outcome with minimal problems or complications will be ensured.Best practices are often used for benchmarking and represent an outcome of repeated and contextual user actions.


Techopedia Explains Best Practice

While all industries have best practices, they are especially prevalent in IT given that so much of the business revolves around data and business processes. Best practices formally represent tested and proven techniques in the form of procedural documentation. In contrast, undocumented procedures are often misleading because stated parameters are not necessarily true or accurate.

The term can refer to something that genuinely will help improve a business. At its worst, it is an overused buzzword that marketing departments slap on anything random product.


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