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What Does Brain Dump Mean?

A brain dump is the act of capturing electronically or memorizing the questions and things in an IT certification examination and then recreating almost an exact replica of same, for illegal distribution.


A brain dump violates most of the non-disclosure agreements provided before an IT certification exam. It can result in loss or ban of any IT certifications as it is considered as an illicit tool designed to pass an exam.

Techopedia Explains Brain Dump

Most brain dumps are used in IT certification exams or in other exams, where questions rarely change and the certification expense is high.

A brain dump is not commonly used in exams where the questions are randomly selected.

Features of a brain dump include:

  • It is not considered as an legitimate training or a method for preparing resources for a knowledge test.There is no scientific approach involved rather than just memorizing the whole set of question and answers involved.

  • Memorizing content does not demonstrate the much needed competency in the selected domain. It is not an legitimate exam aid for helping candidates in being successful against the specification odds involved in the exam. There is no quality control in brain dump. There is no reasoning involved while memorizing the answers.

  • There is no scope of real learning in brain dump. There is no real understanding involved ,which is needed for the subject.

  • Most certification agreements are broken, if brain dump is used.


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