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What Does ECMAScript Mean?

ECMAScript (European Computer Manufacturers Association Script) is a scripting language based on JavaScript. Invented by Brendan Eich at Netscape, ECMAScript made its first appearance in the Navigator 2.0 browser. It later started appearing in succeeding browser versions of Netscape as well as other browsers. ECMAScript is widely used on the World Wide Web especially for client-side scripting.


Techopedia Explains ECMAScript

The European Computer Manufacturers Association developed the official standard for ECMAScript, often known as ECMA-262. The ECMA standard helps in defining the ECMAScript language and also ensures the consistency between web script implementations. Eight editions of ECMAScript have been published, with the first edition published in 1997. JScript and ActionScript also make use of ECMAScript. ECMAScript achieved much popularity and rise in adoption after the publication of the third edition.

ECMAScript, along with Document Object Model, works similarly to the current implementations of JScript and JavaScript. ECMAScript has in fact become a programming language which is supported by almost all modern web browsers. ECMAScript is object-oriented and is considered as a core programming language. It has also become of the most widely used general purpose programming languages. Additionally, it is widely used for embedded and server programming applications, but can also be used for any application which needs scripting language.



European Computer Manufacturers Association Script, ECMA-262

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