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What Does Elegant Solution Mean?

An elegant solution is used in mathematics, engineering and software development to refer to a solution that solves the problem in the simplest and most effective manner. In many cases, it is possible for developers to created code that is more complicated than it needs to be. In such cases, this less-than-elegant code is more likely to cause other issues. For most developers, finding an elegant solution is a greater challenge than simply solving a problem.


Techopedia Explains Elegant Solution

An elegant solution in the field of programming refers to software with certain specifications:

  • Initial loading time must be minimal, meaning that the software is not abusing computer resources.
  • Processing algorithms are optimal, meaning that the software achieves the required result using algorithms that guarantee the best efficiency of computer resources.
  • The user interface must be efficient and:

    • Form objects must be understandable, meaning that proper button, menu and field names are chosen.
    • Fields must be well distributed over interface forms, where objects are grouped according to a logical hierarchy based on function.
    • Presentation must be eye-friendly, meaning that fonts are compatible; this implies minimal changes in a font’s boldness, size, color, type and effects.

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