Transition Ad

What Does Transition Ad Mean?

A transition ad is a specific type of interstitial ad that takes up the entire screen, and appears in a gap between page navigations. Many of these ads are animated or contain high-quality graphics. They are a popular way to achieve visibility for ad sponsors on the Web.


Techopedia Explains Transition Ad

When a transition ad opens a new window, it is often called a pop-up. However, the transition is different in that its appearance is temporary, before a user is redirected to the destination page. For this reason, transition ads are sometimes called “splash ads” or even “splash screens.” Many of these terms are used interchangeably to talk about advertisements that get a lot of attention without completely blocking the user experience. The idea is that although these ads take up the entire screen and are impossible to avoid, they also expire after a certain number of seconds. In the marketing community, there is a lot of analysis of how transition ads established page views, and how much they should cost companies.


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