Commerce XML

What Does Commerce XML Mean?

Commerce XML (cXML) is a standard protocol for business transactions that isdesigned for business document transfers among suppliers, e-commerce hubs and procurement applications.


The cXML protocol uses XML to provide XML schemas for common transactions and allows various programs to validate and modify documents without knowing the document form. It is used for describing company details and transaction profiles, the content of catalogs, changed and original purchase orders (POs), deleted POs, responses to all these POs, and order confirmation and ship notice documents.

Techopedia Explains Commerce XML

The first version of cXML was version 0.91 created in May 1999. Led by Ariba Technologies, more than 40 companies including Hewlett-Packard and Microsoft, collaborated to produce cXML. The cXML Protocol is a free download along with its document type definition (DTD). It may be used without restrictions other than publishing any modifications and naming the new protocol.


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