Measured Service

What Does Measured Service Mean?

Measured service is a term that IT professionals apply to cloud computing. This is a reference to services where the cloud provider measures or monitors the provision of services for various reasons, including billing, effective use of resources, or overall predictive planning.


Techopedia Explains Measured Service

The idea of measured service is one of five components of a definition of cloud computing supported by the National Institute of Standards and Technology or NIST. These five principles support a higher-level definition of cloud services and describe how they are typically designed. Other aspects of this definition include the terms 'rapid elasticity’ and 'resource pooling,’ which cover different kinds of resource allocation. There’s also 'on-demand self-service,’ which refers to more automated service changes, and 'broad network access,’ which refers to the overall footprint and capabilities of cloud systems.

The NIST talks about measured service as a setup where cloud systems may control a user or tenant’s use of resources by leveraging a metering capability somewhere in the system. The general idea is that in automated remote services, these measurement tools will provide both the customer and the provider with an account of what has been used. In more traditional systems, items like invoices and service change agreements would fill these same roles. Measured service ensures that even when there is no specific interaction for a service change, that service change is still noted so that it can be negotiated or dealt with a later date, for instance, in a billing cycle.


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