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What Does Microrobot Mean?

A microrobot is a very small robot built to do specific tasks. In general, a microrobot is just a bit larger than a nanorobot, which is created on the nanoscale. Microrobots are usually visible, whereas some nanobots are not immediately visible to the human eye.


Techopedia Explains Microrobot

Modern technology has allowed engineers to put computer components into extremely small robots, which are used in many industries for different purposes. One example is in medicine, where a microrobot may assist with clinical goals such as diagnostics or surgeries. Scientists have acknowledged the many potential uses of microrobots in the medical and heath-care industry. For example, because of their small size, microrobots can be placed inside the body for diagnostic or biopsy purposes, replacing very invasive tubes such as an endoscope. In manufacturing industries, microrobots can be built as autonomous objects or in swarms that feature machine-to-machine learning protocols that allow them to operate as groups.


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