Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Dashboard

What Does Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Dashboard Mean?

A customer relationship management (CRM) dashboard is an enterprise application (EA) interface used for the monitoring of business and sales opportunities, processes and performance. A CRM dashboard provides real-time business event snapshots, which are used to measure and develop analytics for business reporting.


CRM dashboard is also known as CEO dashboard or enterprise dashboard.

Techopedia Explains Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Dashboard

A CRM dashboard is similar to an automobile dashboard and primarily differs in terms of interactive capability. Hewlett-Packard (HP) was the first organization to develop a CRM dashboard product.

With a simple mouse click, automated CRM dashboard reports are provided in the form of reports, graphs, charts and maps. A CRM dashboard aggregates data from multiple sources and EAs, which is merged into an analytical report. Business managers may use these reports to maximize organizational efficiency.

CRM dashboards facilitate comparative business analysis through the capturing of data and related Web-based elements. Additionally, CRM dashboards use sales and marketing analysis to boost sales and enhance customer satisfaction.


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