Silicon Alley

What Does Silicon Alley Mean?

“Silicon Alley” is a nickname for a specific tech community on the East Coast, in the New York City area. It is a lesser-known example of naming a U.S. tech community where progress on technology has consolidated – in contrast to the much more popular “Silicon Valley” in California.


Techopedia Explains Silicon Alley

The original Silicon Alley in New York City was in Manhattan's Flatiron district and developed throughout the 1990s. It represented a convergence of intellectual capital, infrastructure and technology education.

After the dot-com crash of the early 20th century, many people considered Silicon Alley to have diminished to a large extent. Later, the term experienced some revival through New York tech meetups and other group activities around the city. However, the term Silicon Alley is still commonly considered somewhat obsolete – and if it is used, it is usually in relation to citywide tech communities. It is not generally comparable to Silicon Valley in the San Fernando Valley area of California, where so many recent innovations have been centralized.


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