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What Does Customer Self Service Mean?

Customer self-service (CSS) is a process that facilitates users support via processes and methods in that don’t require the assistance of a customer service representative (CSR). CSS provides efficient 24/7/365 self support and efficient data access. Successful CSS modules depend on class complexity level, available data and access simplicity.


It is mainly used in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems. ERM (Employee Management System) can also have CSS implemented for employees.

Techopedia Explains Customer Self Service

CSS application deployment is useful for several reasons, including cost reduction, which is the most critical, especially when contrasted with traditional CSR services conducted by phone, email or live chat.

The biggest downside is that many customers don’t view customer self service as support. There is a fine line between having a real self-service system and just a help section. There are times when customers simply want to deal with a live person regardless of whether they could solve the problem by themselves. Given this, demonstrating self service options while at the same time allowing access to CSRs is a critical factor in the success of both systems.


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