What Does Telepresence Mean?

Telepresence refers to technologies that allow a user appear to be present, feel like they are present or have some effect in a space the person does not physically inhabit. Telepresence can include video teleconferencing tools, where a picture and audio stream is conveyed to a remote location, as well as more involved robotics installations that can actually help a user to accomplish tasks from a remote location.


Techopedia Explains Telepresence

Advanced telepresence equipment and resources can be used in many industries, from health care to manufacturing. Robotics and other types of practical IT could make telepresence tools that much more powerful, allowing all sorts of cyber-interactions over networks.

Much of the audiovisual telepresence technology is sold as rack space server equipment with installed applications that manage a teleconference, including security, scheduling, call handling and other aspects of use. These versatile solutions can save businesses a lot of money and effort in setting up effective meetings or conferences.


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