Digital Dolly

What Does Digital Dolly Mean?

Digital Dolly is cloning and partitioning software that can be used to copy (clone) the data from one disk drive or partition to another.


Dolly is able to back up and restore hard-drive partitions directly to and from Windows file servers. It also supports the most common network cards. Dolly can be used to create, clone and resize file system partitions such as FAT16, FAT32, New Technology File System (NTFS) and Linux ext2.

The name Dolly is derived from Dolly the sheep, which was the first mammal cloned from an adult cell. Digital Dolly may be referred to simply as Dolly in context.

Techopedia Explains Digital Dolly

Dolly clones operating systems and works with integrated development environment, small computer system interface, USB and FireWire drives. Dolly is similar to Symantec’s Ghost.

If data on a hard drive has been corrupted, Dolly can be run using a bootable CD-ROM.

Dolly delivers effective drive and file cloning via the following methodology:

  • A bootable CD is inserted into the CD-ROM drive.
  • The computer is rebooted.
  • The system automatically detects the CD and configures the network interface card.
  • System administrators can remotely control the backup and restore processes.
  • Machines do not require individualized boot-disk customization.

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