SAP Integration Repository

What Does SAP Integration Repository Mean?

SAP Integration Repository (SAP IR) is a design configuration component of the SAP Exchange Infrastructure (SAP XI), which is a layer of SAP’s distributed NetWeaver component.


This is used to design interfaces and map objects for specific services and/or routing via SAP Integration Directory (SAP ID) system landscaping features.

Techopedia Explains SAP Integration Repository

SAP IR is a component used for SAP XI object/component design and interface mapping. SAP IR contains objects which may be processes, business rules, interfaces, data types and other scenarios.

SAP is an enterprise application integration (EAI) solution that requires external application communication to complement the global nature of business processes. SAP XI uses Web Services Definition Language (WSDL), XML Schema Definition (XSD) and Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) so that SAP can communicate with non-SAP applications. The usage of these features encourages developers to use SAP IR, as these technologies power business management processes, tools, data types, and message and interface mappings.


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