Multidimensional Database

What Does Multidimensional Database Mean?

A multidimensional database is a specific type of database that has been optimized for data warehousing and OLAP (online analytical processing). A multi-dimensional database is structured by a combination of data from various sources that work amongst databases simultaneously and that offer networks, hierarchies, arrays, and other data formatting methods. In a multidimensional database, the data is presented to its users through multidimensional arrays, and each individual value of data is contained within a cell which can be accessed by multiple indexes.


Techopedia Explains Multidimensional Database

A multidimensional database uses the concept of a data cube (also referred to as a hypercube) to represent the dimensions of data currently available to its user(s). The multidimensional database concept is designed to assist with decision support systems. This detailed organization of the data allows for advanced and complex query generation while providing outstanding performance in certain cases when compared to traditional relational structures and databases. This type of database is usually structured in an order that optimizes OLAP and data warehouse applications.


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