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Last updated: February 10, 2017

What Does Personalization Mean?

Personalization is the process by which a user customizes a desktop, or Web-based interface, to suit personal preferences.

The rise of personalization has intensified privacy issues and user concerns. In most cases, personalization involves a non-disclosure guarantee between a service provider and user.


Techopedia Explains Personalization

The personalization concept is purely commercial. For example, a Facebook user may like a program or application, allowing interface changes for accessibility and personal visual attributes.

Personalization allows users to become more involved with a program. The commercial return is huge, as customizable programs achieve higher sales and revenue than those with fixed interfaces.

Another example of personalization is a marketplace that offers new products based on a user's search history. A personalized online bookstore may offer promotions based on a customer's earlier purchases or favorite author.


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