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Very Large Database

What Does Very Large Database Mean?

A very large database (VLDB) is a type of database that consists of a very high number of database records, rows and entries, which are spanned across a wide file system.


VLDB is similar to a standard database but contains a very large amount of data. As such, it requires special management, maintenance and technologies to operate.

Techopedia Explains Very Large Database

VLDB is primarily an enterprise class database. Although there is no specific limitation of a VLDB, it can consist of billions of records and have a cumulative size in thousands of gigabytes, or even some hundred terabytes. A VLDB is generally a repository for big data, a transactional processing system or a combination of the two. A VLDB is maintained through standard relational database management system (RDBMS) software and requires capable hardware computing and storage resources. Moreover, a VLDB also requires the underlying system to be capable enough to scale up to address its ever-increasing size.


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