Calibrated Vectored Cooling

What Does Calibrated Vectored Cooling Mean?

Calibrated vectored cooling (CVC) is an air cooling and conditioning technology that is used to vent heat and provide cool air in a server and computing environment with a number of components.


It was designed by IBM for implementation and use with the blade server series and other products in very close proximity to a number of computing equipments.

Techopedia Explains Calibrated Vectored Cooling

CVC improves and optimizes the flow of cool air in computers and server systems. It is implemented in blade server systems in a small enclosure/chassis with a high number and density of processors, motherboards and other circuit boards.

Being a highly component-dense system, such devices and equipment produce a large amount of heat. CVC works here by passing cool (refrigerated) air into the hottest part of such systems, not only enabling lowered device temperatures but also limiting the required number of internal cooling fans.


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