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Directional Sound

What Does Directional Sound Mean?

Directional sound is sound technology that is aimed in a
particular directional field, rather than spreading naturally according to
traditional sound engineering principles. Directional sound can be useful in
many different kinds of applications, from home entertainment and consumer
products to the evolution of sonic weaponry.


Techopedia Explains Directional Sound

Some directional sound technologies are created using speaker arrays – these types of technologies can be used for acoustics in performance venues, or in other public installations. Directional sound can be useful in the construction of parabolic loudspeakers.

Another big application of directional sound is in the development of sonic and ultrasonic weapons, some of which are now being developed in the military. While sonic weapons have been part of science fiction culture for decades, some are now emerging as viable technologies, though most are still in their infancy. One principle is to create a focused beam of sound using directional sound that can have some effect on the human body.


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