Chatty Protocol

What Does Chatty Protocol Mean?

A chatty protocol involves a protocol where the data on a network has to be accompanied by a lot of back-and-forth between the client and the server. Touch points of communication showing the availability of a server or network component is considered part of a chatty protocol. It is considered “chatty” because the multiple parties in the system have to talk to each other, back and forth, in order to accommodate data transfer.


Techopedia Explains Chatty Protocol

Network engineers can avoid chatty protocols by decreasing the number of times that an individual message requires back-and-forth communication. For example, in SNMP or Simple Network Management Protocol, engineers can look at an example where there are multiple communication points where a message has to wait for news of network availability. One common technique involves creating a standard process for multiple transmissions that use the same kinds of queries. By decreasing the instances of wait time, the engineers make the protocol instance less chatty.


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