What Does Molex Mean?

Molex is a major manufacturer that has been producing a wide range of electronic products since the 1930s. Molex provides various connections for fiber-optic cables and other common networking conduits.


Techopedia Explains Molex

Molex provides a range of crimped products offering specific electronic connection properties, as well as devices called Small Form Factor (SFF) or Small Form Factor Pluggable (SFFP) connectors. Molex also makes a range of HDMI connectors. One of Molex’s classic products is a two-piece pin-and-socket interconnection that’s often called a Molex connection. Molex also makes a range of aerospace and defense industry products, such as board-to-board connectors, and other kinds of pins and cable connections for diverse types of hardware. More recently, Molex has been producing products such as the extreme energetic high current connector system for modular power supplies, high-end circuit boards and 1U or 2U servers.


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