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Wireless Backhaul

What Does Wireless Backhaul Mean?

Wireless backhaul is the wireless communication and network infrastructure responsible for transporting communication data from end users or nodes to the central network or infrastructure and vice versa. It is the intermediate wireless communication infrastructure that connects smaller networks with the backbone or the primary network.


Techopedia Explains Wireless Backhaul

Wireless backhaul solutions are developed and implemented through microwaves and satellite communication infrastructure. In a typical scenario, the Internet, voice and video data that originates from consumer sites is transported by wireless backhaul systems to the primary Internet or communication backbone.

For example, the data from consumer sites includes residential and corporate Internet and telephony communication. This data is connected/transported to a Tier 1 Internet service provider or a central telecom exchange by a wireless backhaul infrastructure. Wireless backhaul is also used as an alternative communication medium when the primary link is unavailable.


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