Canned Air

What Does Canned Air Mean?

“Canned air” is a kind of compressed air that is sold in small handheld aluminum spray cans. The purpose of these cans is to dislodge bits of dust or debris in computer keyboards and inside computer cases. This prevents the computer from damage due to overheating when air intakes are blocked.

Canned air is also known as gas duster.


Techopedia Explains Canned Air

Canned air is another name for the cans of compressed air sold under brands like Endust or Dust-Off that is intended for removing dust safely from electronics. While the term refers to air, these cans may contain other chemicals, such as difluoroethane. To discourage inhalant abuse, some manufacturers add a bittering agent. Cans also typically come with small plastic straws that allow users to more precisely direct the airflow.

Canned air is used to get rid of dust and other particles that get in computer keyboards and the intake fans on computers. Keeping the fans clear prevents the computer from throttling the processor if it detects overheating. Over time, the fan vents can get completely clogged and prevent the computer from working. Laptops are especially susceptible since their parts are inaccessible to the user. Periodically using canned air on a computer’s vents is thus a good maintenance practice.



Gas Duster, Compressed Air

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