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What Does Compressed Air Mean?

Compressed air is a gas or mixture of gases that is pressurized to a degree greater than that of its surrounding environment. When used as a tool for the maintenance of computers (as well as other electronic devices) it is typically put into a container with a narrow output valve, which emits the gas with such strength that it can remove dust and other particles without applying direct pressure or force to any physical components.


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Compressed air is very useful for people who work on computers and/or build and maintain computer working environments. It is often used for dust removal from parts that are too intricate and/or delicate to clean using other conventional cleaning tools (like rags or dusters).

Over the years, scientists have also developed compressed air as an energy source, with the possibility of even replacing fossil fuels in the future. A compressed air energy storage (CAES) plant was opened in Alabama in 1991, and a much more substantial plant is expected to be built in Ohio. There are also CAES-fueled automobiles in development (such as the e.Volution).


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