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Magnetomotive Force

What Does Magnetomotive Force (MMF) Mean?

Magnetomotive force (MMF) is a component or part of the equation of magnetic flux in magnetic circuits. As an analogy to electromotive force, MMF “drives” magnetic flux through a magnetic circuit.


Magnetomotive force is also known as magnetic potential.

Techopedia Explains Magnetomotive Force (MMF)

The term magnetomotive force was designed to talk about the use of magnetic flux in magnetic circuits. Visuals and equations feature MMF, typically measured in “ampere-turns” which consist of a single amp conveyed in a single-turn loop in a vacuum. Scientists may also use other nomenclature such as a “gilbert” (G) to observe MMF.

As a component of magnetic circuit analysis, MMF may be used wherever magnetic circuit technologies are designed, such as in sound technology.


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