Wireless Charging

What does Wireless Charging mean?

Wireless charging is the process of electrically charging battery-powered devices and equipment without the need for a wired electrical power connection. It enables the wireless transfer of electrical charge from a charging device or node to the recipient device. Wireless charging is also known as inductive charging, although it is one of the forms/techniques of wireless charging.

Wireless charging is also known as inductive charging.


Techopedia explains Wireless Charging

Wireless charging is enabled through three different forms:

  • Inductive Charging: Uses electromagnetic waves to transfer energy and charge devices wirelessly. Inductive charging requires the device to be placed on a conductive charging pad/equipment, which is directly connected to a wall socket. It is mainly used to charge small hand-held devices such as, smartphones, PDAs and mobile phones.
  • Radio Charging: Similar to inductive charging, radio charging use wireless radio waves to transfer energy to small devices and equipment. The device is placed on a radio wave emitting transmitter that transmits radio waves to charge the device.
  • Resonance Charging: Used for charging large devices and equipment such as laptops, robots, cars and more. It consists of a sending (sender) copper coil and a receiving (receiver) copper coil at the device end. The sender and receiver must configure the same electronic magnetic frequency to transfer electrical energy.

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