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Enterprise Decision Management (EDM)

Last updated: January 18, 2017

What Does Enterprise Decision Management (EDM) Mean?

Enterprise decision management (EDM) is an enterprise approach that applies analytical and rule-based systems to manage and deploy all operational decisions, such as relationships with employees, suppliers and customers.

The computerized EDM movement altered the enterprise decision-making process by incorporating information-based decisions based on historical behavioral data, as well as prior decisions and their outcomes.


Techopedia Explains Enterprise Decision Management (EDM)

EDM emerged from the need to facilitate high-volume enterprise decisions.

Enterprises apply EDM processes to business and technology infrastructures for the following reasons:

  • To generate a higher return on older investments
  • To increase business decision complexity
  • To mitigate competitive stress resulting from increasingly complicated decisions
  • To capitalize on the limited competitive benefit opportunity (IT struggles to keep pace with business development)

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