Event-Triggered Email

What Does Event-Triggered Email Mean?

An event-triggered email is an automated email sent when a particular event occurs. The events could be a particular occasion or an operation carried out by a user. Event-triggered emails are used as an email marketing strategy wherein a user or subscriber is sent an email when a particular event occurs. The emails are auto-generated and sent to a subscriber list based on events like clicking on a purchase button or on special occasions like the subscriber’s birthday.


Techopedia Explains Event-Triggered Email

Event-triggered emails are a part of email marketing strategy that lets marketers send email based on the occurrence of some event. The emails may be used to communicate special offers, discounts and exclusive coupons to their subscriber list. The events are usually special occasions like the subscriber’s birthday or some particular action like a purchase above a set amount. The events may be determined based on the information provided by the user during the signup process or registration.

The most common types of events based on user behavior that can be used as triggers include purchase, subscription renewal, webinar registration and such.

Event-triggered emails may also enclose customer surveys and these can be used for getting feedback from the customer when they perform a particular action. The emails in such cases may be used to send another auto-reply depending upon the feedback or instruction set.

Automating the process of sending emails allows marketers to save a lot of time and energy. It also helps in maximizing the benefits of existing email campaigns and is helpful in effectively delivering the intended messages to the subscribers. Methods like event-triggered emails help in keeping in touch with the customer base on a regular basis.


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