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Architect-Engineer (A-E)

Last updated: August 9, 2012

What Does Architect-Engineer (A-E) Mean?

Architect-engineer (A-E) refers to a joint provision of architect-engineer services, (A-E services) that are usually related to services provided to a U.S. military department or agency. A-E services are defined under the Brooks Act, a 1972 federal law that imposed requirements for the selection of government contracted architecture and engineering firms.

Because engineering services may be relevant to IT, A-E has an IT component.


Techopedia Explains Architect-Engineer (A-E)

The demand for A-E services by military or government clients covers a broad range of services. One example is an IT component, where engineering services may be relevant to some aspect of IT. Typically, construction consulting roles require A-E services, including related document drafts, cost estimate provisioning and other critical project support.

A-E services are governed by specific rules related to government contracting. One way that A-E services are provided is under an indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contract, which allows for an undefined volume in a fixed amount of time.


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