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Microchip Implant

What Does Microchip Implant Mean?

A microchip implant is a device that can be implanted into the body of a human or animal. The size of these microchips is extremely small, therefore they can be easily implanted without the need for complicated surgery.


Microchip implants can be used to track or record medical details of individuals, security and other important information.

Microchip implants are also known as ID chips or injectable ID chips.

Techopedia Explains Microchip Implant

A microchip implant can be in the form of either an IC (integrated circuit) or an RFID (radio frequency identification) tag encapsulated in a silicon case with a size comparable to a grain of rice. They are used in not only humans, but also in pets for identification purposes. This implant typically contains a unique ID number that can be used to retrieve information contained in an external database, such as personal identification, medical history, medications, allergies and contact information.

Microchip implants are typically inserted with a syringe specially designed for the purpose, or can be implanted with minor surgery.


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