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Digital Pen

What Does Digital Pen Mean?

A digital pen is a writing
instrument that is operated by battery and allows users to capture handwritten
notes or drawings. It converts analog information created with pen and
paper to a digital form of data, so that it may be used in various applications. They usually have a USB connection for notes to
be uploaded to a computer or other device. Some also have wireless functionalities
and/or Bluetooth as a means of connection. While a digital pen usually looks
like a standard ballpoint pen, it does require a specialized “digital” paper to capture its writing.


Techopedia Explains Digital Pen

Digital pens have features like touch sensitivity, memory, input buttons and
electronic erasing capability. A digital pen can be used to write on digital
paper, and once done, the user can save what has been written. The pen usually
vibrates or beeps as a sign of confirmation that the user has finished a page and
the work has been saved. Most digital pens save handwritten work
as images in the commonly used GIF or JPEG format. Some, however, use a proprietary
format. There are various types of digital pens available on the market
like the trackball pen (with a sensor attached to detect the motion of the
trackball), camera pen (with camera attached), positional pen (to detect the
position of the tip) and active pen. All of these have some special
features to differentiate them.


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