Document Reader

What Does Document Reader Mean?

In IT, a document reader is commonly defined as a device
that converts digital or printed text in order to accommodate those with visual
disabilities. A spectrum of document reader devices help individuals with
either minor or severe vision problems.


Techopedia Explains Document Reader

Some of the simplest document readers simply enlarge the text, often on a computer display, for those who have certain kinds of vision impairment, but not total loss of vision. Another common form of document reader is a text-to-speech generator, where the device takes in printed or digital text and generates a verbal result for a listener. Other types of document readers actually convert printed text to braille.

Many of these designs involve a scanner that takes in the text input from print. This type of document reader can convert that printed text into ASCII text that can be evaluated in order to provide audio results.

In a more general sense, the term “document reader” can be applied to any technology that scans or evaluates text in a document.


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