Electro-Optical Fingerprint Recognition

What Does Electro-Optical Fingerprint Recognition Mean?

Electro-optical fingerprint recognition is a biometric identification biotechnology that is used to digitally scan, identify, and compare unique and registered human fingerprint images. Typically, electro-optical fingerprinting is used with a system, allowing for efficient authentication.

Electro-optical fingerprint recognition serves as a password and security code alternative. Organizations use this system for employee attendance, time tracking and building access. Electro-optical fingerprint recognition is also used in mobile phone identification and in payments.


Techopedia Explains Electro-Optical Fingerprint Recognition

A scanner is used in fingerprint recognition. Electro-optical fingerprint recognition works as follows:
  1. An electro-optical fingerprint scanner scans the finger and the resulting image is focused in a small chip.
  2. This image is converted by the chip into a digital file such that the fingerprint can be processed, stored and compared with other stored fingerprints.

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