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Smart Display

Last updated: January 25, 2017

What Does Smart Display Mean?

Smart Display is a battery-powered 10 or 15-inch wireless touch-screen LCD monitor devised by Microsoft and developed in 2002. It was first sold by ViewSonic in early 2003.

Smart Display connected to a PC over a wireless 802.11b connection. Input was either by a transcriber or pop-up soft keyboard. Some models came with a built-in PC, keyboard and mouse. Smart Display only worked with Windows XP Professional OS. It was discontinued in December of 2003.

The early code name for Smart Display was Mira.


Techopedia Explains Smart Display

Smart Display had several problems:

  • It could only be used with one PC, due to Windows licensing issues. (For this reason, the device received much negative review by the press.)
  • Only one Smart Display could connect to a host PC at a time.
  • It weighed as much as a notebook computer and had a similar battery life but had no functionality by itself.
  • It was not capable of displaying video streaming.
  • It sold for $1,000 to $1,500. At the time, notebook computers sold for $600.



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