Performance Testing

What Does Performance Testing Mean?

Performance testing is the assessment of very different sets of functional skills or abilities. Performance testing is extremely common in the computer hardware and software industry.


It is better to reveal such shortcomings and operational difficulties during a system test, well before the system is actually placed into service. If a business fails to performance test its system, the system may run slowly or even crash when subjected to high-volume traffic and peak-load data quantities. Such problems can result in:

  • Loss of revenue
  • Loss of customers
  • Underuse of expensive company systems
  • A backlog customer orders
  • Negative publicity from the media and blog sites

Techopedia Explains Performance Testing

Computer hardware and software are tested to make sure they are functioning optimally. For example, systems can suffer from data bottlenecks due to software interoperability problems. Similarly, databases that function perfectly with small amounts of data may not perform as well when subjected to real-time peak data loads.

There are many consulting organizations offering performance testing services. There are also free open-source testing tools available.


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