Rackmount Server

What Does Rackmount Server Mean?

A rackmount server is a type of hardware that is placed in a downright horizontal rack, rather than in an upright tower server system. It provides the ability to install more than one server within a single rack-mount server chassis or casing.


Techopedia Explains Rackmount Server

Rackmount servers collectively host, execute and manage an enterprise application or serve as a data center. Designed to save physical floor space and other server resources, a rackmount server is typically housed with a horizontal rack chassis that can simultaneously hold multiple servers placed above each other.

The server console designed for a rackmount server is in a horizontal factor form, each of which has its own processor, motherboard, storage and other input/output (I/O) resources. Each rackmount server can operate independently but requires the underlying chassis for power, cooling and the server’s structural and mounting support.


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