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Server Cage

What Does Server Cage Mean?

A server cage is a specific kind of container for physical server hardware.


Like the traditional cage, server cages have open systems composed of metal bars or similar structures, where light and air can move through the enclosure, but where the cage provides effective security for what’s inside.

Techopedia Explains Server Cage

The primary use of server cages is for security.

With larger data centers or other server operations, businesses can put server cage security in place for several reasons. For an in-house server system, business leaders may want extra security for high traffic areas.

Another popular use of server cages is when a single data center handles server operations for multiple clients. Here, it can be very useful to put each client’s separate server hardware in a different cage to prevent unauthorized crossover.

For instance, technicians serving a particular client structure can get a key to just one server cage, instead of being able to access the entire hardware setup in the server room (this can protect the worker, as well as the company, in a case where some kind of server emergency requires a careful look at access) – server cages can also help to provide better documentation for who is accessing server systems for maintenance, repairer or other purposes.


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