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What Does Live Support Mean?

Live support is a Web service for businesses that allows visitors to communicate with the business, usually through real-time live chat. Live support is designed to provide customers and clients with immediate support and information. The Web service is integrated with the business website and generally includes invisible website traffic analysis and secure administrative controls.


Although not exactly acronyms, the term is usually used in the context of live support software, which may also be called live persons, live chat or live help. This is also a common term for instant messaging applications designed especially to provide immediate online assistance to a business’s website visitors.

Live support may also be known as live chat, live help, live support software or live persons.

Techopedia Explains Live Support

Integrated live support applications allow the administrators or webmasters to respond to text chats from numerous customers that use the website. It allows a business to provide immediate website visitor engagement in both a reactive and proactive manner, with the anticipation of both increased interactivity and trust with website visitors and increased sales.

Normally, live support applications open a window, which connects the user to an administrator. Some applications enable users to be on a queue to ensure that one admin deals with one user at a time and then automatically proceeds to the next user when the present chat is closed. Users can sometimes view their positions in the queue.

Some live support software applications use JavaScript, Java, or Flash Player and operate directly inside the browser. Unlike more classic software, visitors do not have to download anything, but may easily and rapidly communicate with the website’s online agents.

There are other live support programs that not only give basic text chats, but also offer advanced communication capabilities, such as true voice over IP, remote view, application sharing, remote form filing, and website traffic monitoring.

Live video chat software is expected to be added to the typical live support software application in the near future. This enhances the personal feel for the customer and improves customer interaction.


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