Chief Medical Information Officer

What Does Chief Medical Information Officer Mean?

A chief medical information officer (CMIO) is a healthcare executive who is responsible for managing the health informatics platform and working with clinical IT staff for supporting efficient design, implementation and usage of healthcare technologies. It is a relatively new role in the healthcare space.


A chief medical information officer is also known as a chief medical informatics officer, chief clinical information officer, director of medical informatics or director of health informatics.

Techopedia Explains Chief Medical Information Officer

In most cases, the chief medical information officer is a physician that has some amount of health informatics training or experience. They are known to work with or help to manage other doctors, nurses, the pharmacy and other general information in a health organization.

As the healthcare industry has been adopting electronic medical/health records (EMR/EHR), CMIOs have been in high demand. The duties performed by a CMIO differ from organization to organization. On a daily basis, a CMIO is required to evaluate an organization’s IT systems, design and apply EMR/EHR applications and software, train other staff in IT systems and analyze medical and health data for overall improvement in services. CMIOs also undertake data analytics for research operations and report to executives or even the government.


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