Computerized Physician Order Entry

What Does Computerized Physician Order Entry Mean?

Computerized physician
order entry (CPOE) is the process by which medical
professionals provide notes and instructions
electronically rather than by writing manually on paper charts. This can include patient history, appointment notes, prescriptions and any other medical information.


Computerized physician
order entry is also known as computerized provider order entry and computerized provider order management.

Techopedia Explains Computerized Physician Order Entry

Computerized physician
order entry is a process by which medical professionals issue instructions and prescriptions to patients and other medical personnel electronically. The electronically issued orders are then processed through a computer network and sent to the concerned medical department (including radiology, laboratory and pharmacy) to carry out the order.

CPOE has various advantages over manual record keeping. It is a quick process and utilizes resources efficiently. It helps to reduce errors related to handwriting, and also provides error checking in case any incorrect doses are prescribed.


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