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Radiology Information System

What Does Radiology Information System Mean?

A radiology information system (RIS) is a type of information system that is used to create, store and manage radiological data and images of patients. It is a type of health or hospital information system (HIS), designed to automate and manage the processes in the radiological department.


Techopedia Explains Radiology Information System

Typically, the key components of a radiology information system consist of a database and a front-end RIS application. Radiological devices capture radiological tests & data and store it on the database. The front-end RIS application helps in accessing and editing that data. An RIS generally provides:

  • Patient registration and management
  • Radiology workflow management
  • Document and image creation, modification and management
  • Billing and reporting

The RIS is mostly developed in parallel with electronic health records industry regulations such as HIPAA.


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