What Does Annoyware Mean?

Annoyware is a type of pop-up that prompts the user to perform an action such as registering to a certain website or purchasing a computer application. Other actions may be prompted as well. Users will often find annoyware operating in conjunction with shareware programs for downloadable trials. Electronic advertisers use annoyware heavily to entice customers, but malicious annoyware can also launch computer viruses if unsuspecting users perform the requested action.


Annoyware is also known as nagware or floating ads.

Techopedia Explains Annoyware

The term annoyware is true to its name: it is annoying adware that users do not seek out. However, for electronic advertisers, if their annoyware receives even as little as a 1 percent rate of return, this can still be worthwhile marketing because advertising via annoyware is so inexpensive.

Those who do not appreciate annoyware can install anti-annoyware programs. By doing so, users are not only protected against annoyware, but also against harmful Trojans and viruses that can be attached to annoyware downloads. However, another way to prevent annoyware may be to educate Internet users. Naive users are most likely to encounter damaging effects from annoyware and advertisers know this.


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