Applications On Tap

What Does Applications On Tap Mean?

Applications on tap or “apps on tap” describes applications that are available for online purchase and use, or through some other similar platform. The phrase has roots in the terms “cloud services” and “Software as a Service” or SaaS. However, “apps on tap” can apply to any software, SaaS or otherwise, that is immediately accessible to buyers and users in some way.


Techopedia Explains Applications On Tap

Through the emergence of the cloud and Web technologies, it has become easier to deliver software online than in a box. Many of today’s best applications could be called “apps on tap.” One easy example is the switch from the traditional MS Office suite sold in a box to the Office 365 service that is “on tap” or delivered online through the use of a registration and password system. “Apps on Tap” is also a proprietary name of a company and its products.


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